pyramid for isometric pixel strategy game

Pixel city building

Since the last update, development has continued in these areas:

In sprite behavior:

  • Magicians can now construct the central pyramid
  • The farmer now walks to his house and starts sowing seeds at midday.
  • The fisherman’s day/night cycle has been completed.

In graphics these isometric pixel buildings have updated graphics:

  • Fisherman’s hut
  • Farmer’s hut
  • Central pyramid

In code:

  • Graphical effects have been added for during the building of the pyramid, which will happen at the start of the game.
  • I kept getting an issue with CPU usage. My laptop’s cooling fan would kick in, and that’s never a good sign. Asked around on Reddit. Figured out the way to improve performance was to change many of the light sources in the game from Light2D into Sprite objects. Because of the isometric plane, I will program shadow effects manually (maybe using graphics shaders) instead of relying on Godot’s lighting system.