pyramids for peaceful city builder Power of the Ancients

Pyramids for peaceful city builder

Today i made some pyramids for peaceful city builder Power of the Ancients. Here is a video of me drawing them. These are the four pyramids the peaceful city building game will have in addition to the main central pyramid.

All four pyramids represent one of the four elements, which in turn represent four peoples. The farmers will build their homes nearby the earth pyramid. The fishermen will build their buildings nearby the water pyramid. The fire people / guards will build their barracks nearby the fire pyramid. Lastly, the magicians / air people will build their dwellings nearby the air pyramid.

The water and fire will need to be animated still.

In addition to this, progress has been ongoing. Almost all behaviour of the farmers and fishermen is now completely programmed into the game. More development updates in the future. Be sure to wishlist the game on Steam if you haven’t already!

Work has been progressing in the music and sound effects department as well. The main menu, which still has to be programmed, already has its own lo-fi track. We are very happy with this and are looking forward to the upcoming tunes to be composed in the future.

I have also toyed with the idea of adding a few animals to the environment, since it is currently a bit static. In additions to this, moving trees and so on will help to construct a more “alive” city builder game experience. I might even try to animate the grass, but I’m not sure about that one.

Future devlog updates will include more information on the game’s economy, and the behaviour of the other people in the game. The pyramids for peaceful city builder Power of the Ancients I made today will need some behaviour programmed into them as well. This, however will be connected to setting up some kind of economy gameplay.