Hippo for Power of the Ancients

Roads and animals for Power of the Ancients

Roads and animals for Power of the Ancients, that’s right. Since last update I programmed a functional UI for dropping down roads on the map.

In addition, the graphics for the roads have been updated as well. I have probably redone those pixel graphics ten times, but now I am satisfied with the result.

Then I started pixeling a hippo, because this game definitely needed more hippo. I recorded a timelapse of the drawing of this animal.

The pixeling of a hippo for Power of the Ancients.

The music you hear in the background will eventually be the music for the main menu. All other music in this isometric city builder will have a similar atmosphere. We are aiming at something relaxed and calm.

After having drawn something vaguely resembling a hippo, there was of course the task of programming the actual behaviour of the hippo.

He is not very smart yet, but in the future I aim for the hippo to prefer hanging around the water. During the day it is very likely the hippo will go for a bath now and then. During the night he/she will sleep on the shores.

In addition to this, if any person comes too close to the hippo, it will attack. You can see the attack animation at the end of the timelapse video.

Apart from roads and animals for Power of the Ancients, I have programmed a way to load and save the state of the game. Not a very sexy thing to report, but it is basic required functionality for a city builder game like this one, so hey, now it exists.

If you, like many before you, are now so enthusiastic about this game you cannot wait for its release, head over to the Steam store page and add it to your wishlist!