ingame development footage of isometric city builder power of the ancients

Four isometric pyramids for this citybuilder

Four isometric pyramids for this citybuilder have been added to the construction logic of the central pyramid. You may remember them from one of my previous posts. The central pyramid in Power of the Ancients will be the spawning point of all new villagers. Its sphere of influence on the land directly reflects the player’s progress. Should the light it shines cast shadows or not?

In this video I have recorded both options. Personally I like the shadows, but they may be a bit much.

As you can see, this is latest development footage. Pay no attention to the guy cutting down trees at an alarming rate. He has just been programmed so he’s still a little too enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Also, I’ve added canals and bridges. At least, the pixel art exists and the logic for constructing canals is somewhat established. The idea is to have fountains as endpoints for the canals, which will be the places where farmers can fill up on water for watering their plants.

Here is a video of me drawing the canals and bridges:

As always, if you haven’t already please head over to Steam and wishlist the game. It costs you nothing, and it will definitely help the development of this game. Thank you, and have a wonderful rest of the year!